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Annual Report 2013
  1. Albaraka Annual Report 2013 - Integrated
    .pdf file (806,67 KB)
    2014-05-23 12:00:14 PM
  2. Albaraka Annual Report 2013 - Abridged
    .pdf file (499,22 KB)
    2014-05-23 11:59:14 AM
  3. Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Business Conduct
    .pdf file (36,56 KB)
    2014-05-23 11:58:15 AM
  4. Al Baraka Banking Group - Holding Company and Subsidiaries
    .pdf file (45,98 KB)
    Holding Company and Subsidiaries
    2014-05-23 11:57:37 AM
  5. Company Profile
    .pdf file (46,31 KB)
    Albaraka Bank Limited in South Africa is a subsidiary of the internationally-acclaimed Bahrain-based Al Baraka Banking Group B.S.C...
    2014-05-23 11:56:56 AM
  6. Ten-Year Review
    .pdf file (74,81 KB)
    Ordinary share capital, share premium, non-distributable reserves and distributable reserves...
    2014-05-23 11:55:44 AM
  7. Directorate and Administration
    .pdf file (107,92 KB)
    During the 2013 financial year, Al Baraka Bank’s board of directors comprised the following members..
    2014-05-23 11:55:03 AM
  8. Compliance Report
    .pdf file (52,18 KB)
    The regulatory landscape has changed significantly over the years with a swathe of new legislation being introduced annually.
    2014-05-23 11:54:14 AM
  9. Chairman and Chief Executive’s Statement
    .pdf file (111,47 KB)
    The performance of the South African economy over the past year turned out to be somewhat weaker than had been hoped for a year ago.
    2014-05-23 11:53:36 AM
  10. Corporate Governance Report
    .pdf file (140,82 KB)
    The board of directors and management of Al Baraka Bank remain committed to the highest standards of corporate governance...
    2014-05-23 11:52:55 AM
  11. Sustainability Report
    .pdf file (105,48 KB)
    In terms of King III, South African companies should generate integrated reports regularly.
    2014-05-23 11:52:12 AM
  12. Shariah Report
    .pdf file (89,38 KB)
    We have reviewed the principles and the contracts relating to the transactions and applications introduced by Al Baraka Bank during the year under review.
    2014-05-23 11:51:31 AM
  13. Human Resources Report
    .pdf file (44,45 KB)
    Al Baraka Bank’s human resources function is regarded as strategically important and displayed its resilience through a...
    2014-05-23 11:50:50 AM
  14. Information Technology Report
    .pdf file (62,37 KB)
    The 2013 financial year witnessed a number of strategic progressions within the bank’s business environment as we endeavoured...
    2014-05-23 11:50:14 AM
  15. Annual Financial Statements
    .pdf file (191,78 KB)
    We have audited the group annual financial statements and the annual financial statements of Albaraka Bank Limited...
    2014-05-23 11:49:25 AM
  16. Notes to the Financial Statements
    .pdf file (235,35 KB)
    Albaraka Bank Limited is a registered bank domiciled in South Africa...
    2014-05-23 11:48:40 AM
  17. Letter and Notice to Shareholders
    .pdf file (76,26 KB)
    Notice is hereby given that the twenty fourth annual general meeting of the shareholders of Albaraka Bank Limited will be held at 10h30 on Tuesday, 17 June 2014 at the offices of Al Baraka Bank.
    2014-05-23 11:47:54 AM
  18. AAOIFI Statement of Financial Position
    .pdf file (65,56 KB)
    AAOIFI Statement of Comprehensive Income For the year ended 31 December 2013.
    2014-05-23 11:46:15 AM
  19. Proxy Form
    .pdf file (27,86 KB)
    For use at the twenty fourth annual general meeting of the company to be held at 10h30 on Tuesday, 17 June 2014.
    2014-05-23 11:45:22 AM
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