Al Baraka’s Premium Plus Investment Account is a medium to long-term account based on the Premium Investment 365 model with enhanced benefits that enables you to earn a regular monthly income from a lump-sum investment. This account earns investors superior returns on high-value investments allowing flexibility in terms of profits generated and additional deposits to the account.

What are the benefits you will enjoy?

  • 12 month fixed investment account
  • Funds in the Premium Plus Investment can be pledged in respect of security for finance related transactions
  • Profits can be paid out monthly to clients or capitalised
  • No premature withdrawals on capital balances allowed on the Premium Plus investment Account

What qualification criteria apply?

  • Minimum deposit of R3 million is required to open and retain the account with additional deposits allowed at a minimum of R250 000 on an ad hoc basis

(Note: All cash deposits are subject to a cash deposit fee)

Who should apply for the Premium Plus Investment Account

  • The Premium Plus is aimed at individuals who need flexibility from their high-value investment over a 12 month period. Profits can be withdrawn on a monthly basis or reinvested according to the investor’s immediate financial plans

How do you apply?

  • Visit one of our branches country-wide and discuss the Premium Plus Investment with one of our consultants
  • Complete an application form

What documentation is required?

For further information about ensuring FICA compliance, please click on the tab for legal information to call our Customer Service Centre on 0860 225 786.

Page last updated: 2019-06-06